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Visitors are welcomed. ALL VISITORS must check in AND enter through the A Building Office (Old Hwy 24 Entrance) to receive a mandatory VISITOR'S PASS. The safety of our students and learning environment is our Top Priority!

Early Arrival

Students who arrive early on campus can not do so until after 7:30 am.

*Early arriving CAR RIDERS  must report directly to the Multi-Purpose Building.

*Early arriving BUS RIDERS report to THE GYM

Checkout Procedure

Student must present a parent note to school office by 8:30 am to be verified (phone number required on note).

Parent or guardian must physically come in and pick up student. No phone calls will be accepted.

Anyone checking out a student MUST be on the checkout list. Photo ID is required to check student out.

NO LUNCH CHECKOUTS unless a doctor's note is presented upon return.

Checkouts during the last 30 minutes of the school day are for medical emergencies or doctor's appointments only.

Students are allowed three (3) non-medical checkouts per semester. Students who exceed three (3) checkouts may receive disciplinary action.

Make EVERY DAY Count

All MS public school students are required to be present 63% of the school day to be counted present for that day. The 63% does not include lunch, breaks, etc. 

At OGMS, our school day begins at 8:25; therefore students must be present until 2:05 pm each day to meet the 63% requirement.


23 days ago

Oak Grove Middle School

Oak Grove Middle School serves 1,400 students in grades 6-8, offering a variety of educational and extracurricular opportunities for students.  OGMS has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a National Blue Ribbon School and has a number of national board certified teachers/counselors and student leaders. 

Our theme for the school year is “#Differencemaker,” an endeavor that will drive all efforts of our faculty, staff, and students.  We are currently rated a level "A" by the Mississippi Department of Education's accountability system.

We offer a variety of activities that allow students to become active members on campus, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, archery, track, volleyball, softball, Student Council, Beta Club, Math Counts, Band, Choir, Spotlight Show Choir, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Junior Civitan, First Priority, Technology Student Association, Chess Club, Theater, cheerleading, and dance. 

Parents, we need you. Please consider becoming actively involved on campus through volunteering and joining our PTO.

 OGMS students are WARRIORS. Warriors Are Responsible, Respectful, Individuals on the Road to Success.

  • Guest speakers from Magnolia State Bank visited our students for the “Banker in Every Classroom” program!
  • Please let us know if you can help! Donations can be dropped off in A building office!
  • Mrs. Smith's 6th grade science students participated in a deciduous forest biome survey! #DifferenceMakerLCSD #OGMStheOriginalGrove
  • Students in Mr. Rivet’s 7th grade ICT classes were told to write him step by step instructions for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Mr. Rivet took a few examples and followed their steps! He made this cute video to introduce the concept of...
  • Mrs. Flowers’ students delivered business letters to various faculty members!
  • Our Fall Choral Concert was wonderful! We heard the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Mass Choir sing a Medley of Disney Ballads with a solo from Isabella Garrard. We also heard various selections from the 6th Grade Concert Choir, 7th Grade Concert Choir, and 8...
  • Thank you Dr. Vera and the USM Physics Department for demonstrating some fun science phenomena! All of our 7th grade students were exposed to dry ice, liquid nitrogen, electromagnetic phenomena, Faraday’s Law, and a kaleidoscopic light show. And than...
  • Mrs. Seal took her students on an adventure to the Hattiesburg Zoo!
  • Happy World Kindness Day!! “Be the ‘I’ in KIND” Thanks for making this awesome sign, Mrs. Stinson! #DifferenceMakerLCSD #OGMStheOriginalGrove #WorldKindnessDay2019
  • Mrs. Woods class practiced simplifying expressions and equations with properties! #DifferenceMakerLCSD #OGMStheOriginalGrove
  • Congratulations to our basketball teams for wins over Petal in Thursday night’s games!
  • Mrs. McCarty’s classes are learning about World War II and the Holocaust by doing group projects on topics like Anne Frank, The Attack on Pearl Harbor, Survivors of the Holocaust, D-Day, and the Krakow Ghetto. #OGMStheOriginalGrove #DifferenceMakerLCSD