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Parents, please encourage students to check their school email and Google Classrooms daily for updates from teachers. As always, please reach out to me via email or text for any questions/concerns.
Want to Help??
Want to help keep the classroom clean and germ free? Donations of Kleenex, Clorox Wipes, Lysol and/or Germ-X are always appreciated!!
Summer News!
Parents -Please encourage your child to continue to get online at home and work on ELA and math skills on the website, IXL. This is a great opportunity for remediation at home. Also, remediation packets will be available over the summer. Thank you!
LCSD Tip is replacing Tip Text. The new number is 855-LCSDTIP or 855-527-3847.
Final Averages
Parents - Final averages are available for viewing. You can get directions from the LCSD website on how to view them, if needed.
Weekly Agenda: May 4th-8th
Mon: ELA - IXL; Math - Day 22 assignment
Tue: ELA - IXL; Math - Day 23 assignment
Wed: ELA - Quarantine House Challenge; Math - Day 24 assignment
Thur: ELA - Baking Challenge; Math - Day 25 assignment
Fri: ELA - Theme song challenge; Math - Day 26 assignment