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This Week's Plans and Homework for Social Studies and Science   

7 days ago

TipText:  If you need help or see something that isn't just right, please report it! Bullying and harassment are NEVER ok!  Please text 601-LCSDTIP! 

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 Welcome to 6th Grade at OGMS 2020-2021!

YAY!  I'm so glad you're here!  I teach 6th Grade Social Studies and Science. This is the "block" or box where I will post weekly lesson plans, homework, test dates, and due dates. 

  This Week's Plans

This is where I will list what we are doing for the week.


1. Make sure you have your school supplies for my two classes!

    - Personal face covering/mask     
    - 2 pocket folders that have the 3 prongs for notebook paper
    - Pack of notebook paper
    - Pencils/erasers
    - glue stick and small bottled glue
    - small pack of colored pencils
    - hand pencil sharpener
    - scissors
    - Personal Hand sanitizer to keep in backpack
    - Kleenex (for classroom)
    - Pack of copy paper (for classroom) 
    - Clorox wipes (any brand is fine) for classroom

2. Make sure you "join" Standland's Social Studies Google Classroom and Standland's Science Google Classroom. We will do this on the first day of school.  (Schedules and teacher assignments are still being made, so when this is complete, we can get you signed up for the correct Google Classrooms.  We will use Google Classroom at school and virtually.)

3.  On the first day of school, we will go over procedures, safety measures, rules/consequences, class syllabus, and "get-to-know-you" activities.

Social Studies

     In Sixth Grade, we focus our studies on Ancient Word History.  Our first unit in Social Studies will be Geography and Map Skills.  


     Our first unit in Science will focus on Plant and Animal Cells (Living Things).

     This is where I will list the homework, test dates, and due dates for the week for Social Studies and Science.

Social Studies


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Social Studies Syllabus
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Accelerated Reader (AR) Information

7 days ago

What You Need to Know

 Let's get our reading on!

  • AR in the Sixth Grade is an actual class.  On progress reports and report cards, the class is called SPARKS.

  • Students will receive a grade for SPARKS;  S for Satisfactory, N for Needs Improvement, or U for Unsatisfactory.

  • **Please note there might be an alternative plan in place due to Covid-19!  Students are required to have their AR book with them at all times.  It is a required material.  Failure to have an AR book will result in break detention and short forms.

  • **Please note there might be an alternative plan in place due to Covid-19! Students are given ample time to read at school.  They are required to read upon arrival until the tardy bell rings;  they are required to read when they finish their classwork early;  and of course, they must read during the AR period from 2:30 until dismissal.

  • It is recommended for students to read at home as well.

  • **Please note there might be an alternative plan in place due to Covid-19! Students may read AR books from OGMS library, any public library, from home, from the book store, or electronic devices.  

  • To see if a book is AR, and to check the reading range and points, go to (  or, and  click on AR Book Finder or Renaissance Learning.)  

  • Students' SPARKS grade will be determined by their participation and effort in reading,  homework, make-up work, tutoring, remediation, differentiated instruction, enrichment, and review. 

Progress Reports and Report Cards

100-90% participation =    S (Satisfactory)

89%-65% participation =   N (Needs improvement)

64% - 0% participation =   U (Unsatisfactory)


7 days ago

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What are expectations?

Expectations are behaviors that are expected from all students.  For example, we are expected to throw all trash into a trash can.  It is an expectation, so that is what we do.

What are Warrior Bucks?  

Warrior Bucks are small tickets that are awarded by teachers when students meet expectations. The tickets are collected at certain points for classroom rewards.     


  1. Be Responsible.
  2. Be Respectful.
  3. Be Ready.


Team Rules:

1.  Stay on task. 

·      Work from bell to bell.

·      Work hard.

·      Complete all classwork.

·      Use time wisely.

·      Follow directions.

·      Have your required materials everyday.

·      Be prepared everyday.

2.  Always show appropriate behavior inside and outside of the classroom.

·      Be respectful toward adults and other students.

·      Remain quiet at all times.

·      Raise hand to speak.

·      Stay in seat.

·      Nice language only.

·      Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

·      Use cell phones and other electronics only when given permission.

·      No gum, sunflower seeds, food, or drink without permission. (Water is allowed.)

·      Follow all handbook rules and policies (OGMS and District).

3.  Transition appropriately.

·      Remain quiet at all times.

·      Walk in a line on the right side of the sidewalk/hall/walkways.

·      Remember the hands-off policy.

4.  Complete homework.

·      Write homework, scheduled test dates, and projects in your planner.

·      Turn homework in on time.


Students will receive Warrior Bucks on "Pay Day" each week for following the rules, working hard, appropriate behavior, and "going the extra mile!"  The following rubric is used to determine Pay Day: 

10 Warrior Bucks = no check marks on clipboard all week

7 Warrior Bucks = 1 check mark on clipboard for a disruption

5 Warrior Bucks = 2 check marks on clipboard for disruptions

0 Warrior Bucks = 3 or more check marks on clipboard for disruptions

Warrior Bucks may be traded for various rewards throughout the school year.  (**There might be an alternative plan due to Covid-19.) Some examples are:

1.  Fun Friday instead of SPARKS (10 Warrior Bucks)

·      Bring an individual snack/drink

·      Free seating 

·      Take your shoes off

.      Quiet games

2.  Snack/drink from home during class (10 Warrior Bucks)

3.  Extra Break (10 Warrior Bucks)

4.  Movie (10 Warrior Bucks)

5.  Pencils, paper, cap erasers (5 Warrior Bucks)


Your child is expected to behave appropriately for a school setting. In the event of any disruption, our team will ask the student 4 questions in an attempt to get the student back on task.  1) What are you doing?  2) What are you suppose to be doing?  3) Are you doing it?  4) What are you going to do about it?  The following ladder is used for offenses:  (with the exception of continuous and/or severe disruptions).  

  1. First offense – verbal warning
  2. Second offense – 4 questions and break detention
  3. Third offense - 4 questions, break detention,  parent contact
  4. Fourth offense – 4 questions, short forms (written warnings)
  5. Fifth offense - Long form (office referral)

** In the case of a severe disruption, we will go directly to a long form (office discipline referral).


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Announcements and Dates

7 days ago

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  • Please make sure students aren't bringing candy, gum, and junk food to snack on during class, transitions, or break, unless permission has been granted for a special occasion!  We need them on their best behavior and focusing on schoolwork. 
  • Please make sure your student have two  3-prong pocket folders filled with notebook paper (one for Social Studies and one for Science.) 
  • Students should not arrive on campus before 7:40 a.m.   Tardy bell rings at 8:25. 
  • Students will report directly to their homeroom teacher upon arrival (unless they want to pick up a breakfast tray from the cafeteria first).
  • Please have your student keep a small umbrella or rain poncho in his/her backpack for rainy afternoons. 
  • Car riders are dismissed at 3:15 p.m. and bus riders are dismissed at 3:30 p.m.
  • Students need to bring a water bottle to school due to the heat.  Only plain water is allowed in class.  No flavored water, etc. allowed.

  • Make sure to bring $10 for a Materials Fee and $5 for a planner.  All money must be cash, and correct change.

  • Extra items needed for my classroom include white copy paper, colored copy paper, card stock paper, sharpies, dry erase markers, hand sanitizer, tissue, baby wipes, scissors, glue, and colored pencils. Any help with these extra items is greatly appreciated!     
  • Check your child's planner each day for homework, announcements, and tests.     
  • Remember that the tardy bell rings at 8:25.  The first time a child is tardy, he/she will receive a warning (short form).  Upon the second tardy, the student will receive a long discipline form and be assigned IST.  This is school policy.
  • Students must remember to follow the "hands-off" policy, dress code policy, and cell phone policy.  Automatic long discipline forms will be issued if these policies are broken. 
  • Students are required to have their materials at school each day!  Failure to do so will result in break detention or short forms.                                  
  • Remember that after the second short form, a long form will be issued.            
  • Per the office, students will be written up on a long form and will go to IST for any dress code violation.
  • Students are only allowed to miss 12 days per school year in each class.  Please remember that late check-ins and early check-outs count as absences if a child misses more than one third of any class.  Students must have a doctor's note for a medical excuse.  Parent notes are required if a doctor note is not available.  
  • Students may not be exempt from any exams in December.  However, students may be exempt from final exams in May.  They must have an A in that class each 9 week term. 

Science Syllabus 2020-2021