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Agenda 10/16/19 to 10/25/19
Wednesday (10/16)- WB exercises on using context clues and eliminating wordiness/redundancy.
Thursday (10/17)- Interactive notebook entries and "Trial by Combat" first reading.
Friday - (10/18)"Trial by Combat" second reading and author's style mini-lesson.
Monday (10/21) Rewrite of "Trial by Combat" from benchmark narrative writing test and all IXL assignments posted on Google Classroom are due.
Tuesday (10/22) Writing benchmark major grade
Wednesday (10/23) - District reading benchmark
Thursday (10/24)- In-class Narrative writing major grade
Friday (10/25) - Information Pre-Test, Readworks article responses due
Anchor and Supporting Texts
1st 9 weeks Text
Anchor Text: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
Supporting texts: Selected stories and poems by Robert Frost, Roald Dahl, and other selected pieces.

2nd 9 weeks
Anchor text: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Supporting texts: Selected stories and poems by Shirley Jackson, W.W. Jacobs, Edgar Allan Poe, and O. Henry, and other non-fiction pieces as they relate to our topics.
3rd 9 weeks
Anchor Text: various book according to literature groups.
Supporting texts: Selected stories, poems, and plays by Noah S. Sweat, Langston Hughes, Martin Luther King, Walter Dean Myers and Jack London, as well as non-fiction pieces as they relate to our topics.

4th 9 weeks
Supporting texts: A plethora of stories, poems, plays, and other non-fiction pieces as they relate to our topics.
Weekly Assignment due dates
Due Tuesday - Read chapter 6 of The Outsiders and answer the essential questions: "How hard is it to choose to do the right thing when you are faced with a split-second decision? What ultimately determines the choice you make?"
Due Wednesday - Read Chapter 7 and answer the essential question " How do the people we spend time with impact who we are as a person? Is it possible to surround yourself with others and yet remain unaffected or changed by them?"

Due Thursday - Read 8 and answer the essential question: "At what point do the differences between social status stop mattering? Should social status matter or not?"

Due Fiday - Chapter 9 The Outsiders
"How much of our life is determined by birth, and how much is impacted by our own choices and actions?"
Ms. Falgout’s REMIND text code
@cfalgo to 81010