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over 2 years ago

Mrs. Pinson's Class

My name is Sarah Pinson and I am the Community Based teacher for 6th-8th graders at OGMS. In our class we have 2 teacher assistants-Denise Foster and Kim Pittman. I am in my fourth year of teaching and look forward to all that we will be doing this year! 

What's Happening in B6

over 2 years ago

  • We will continue taking trips into the community every Thursday. It will be a few weeks before we begin going out into the community. We take trips to Wal Mart, Target, and other grocery stores. We also will go out to eat to different restaurants. While in the community we work on community living skills, shopping from a grocery list, ordering off of menu, social skills, and money skills.
  • Back to school night for our class will be with the 8th grade on Tuesday, August 15 at 6:30 in room B6. I will be here along with our classroom assistants. We encourage you to come take a look around our classroom and meet us!
  • We hope to plant a classroom garden outside of our class. We are also adopting flower beds around school to plant flowers. We will incorporate this into Science lessons in the classroom.
  • We are going to begin our Coffee Cart in hopefully a few weeks. The students are going to help take orders from teachers and staff around the school who want coffee, make the coffee, and work on social skills by going around the school and delivering the coffee. They will also be in charge of taking and counting the money. We are so excited about implementing this!



over 2 years ago

In math class we will focus on identifying, counting, and using money and telling time with analog and digital clocks. We will be using the Unique Learning Systems Curriculum for math. This is a curriculum specifically for the students in our classroom. We will also use the Touch Money curriculum and learn the touch points in order to count money. 

Lieu the Therapy Dog (in training)

over 2 years ago


over 2 years ago

We will be using the Look 'N Cook curriculum for our cooking class again this year. We typically cook every Friday morning or immediately after lunch. The students will be learning to be more independent through this curriculum and class. The curriculum offers videos and visual recipes to follow for each item we will prepare. We will also make sweet treats for our principals and office staff. We enjoy walking around campus and telling them "Happy Friday!!!" when handing them out. This is another way the students can work on their social skills!


over 2 years ago

We wIll be continuing to use the EdMark Functional Reading Program in our classroom. The students will work on learning common functional words such that are found in the community, at restaurants, in the grocery store and in a job/work environment. We will also be using the EdMark Reading Level 1 which focuses on learning to read basic words.